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The elementary, intermediate, advanced courses are designed for those who want to improve all of their Persian language skills at their own pace and place and to gain strong  foundations for Persian language development and the skills needed for further academic study.

Our courses provide development in the skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and the different language areas of grammar, vocabulary and functional Persian.

Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will help you build confidence and improve your language skills in a supportive, stimulating environment. You will get detailed feedback and personalized advice on how to improve in order to make fast progress towards your goals in interactive, engaging and fun lessons.

The only official Persian Language Center at Islamic Azad University is North Tehran Branch and the Islamic Azad University Electronic Campus (IAUEC) is the online host of Persian language courses. Accordingly, teaching Persian language to International students (with the exception of Afghan nationals) is provided solely through the North Tehran branch of IAU and e-Campus.

Prospective and current students of Islamic Azad University must pass Persian language courses after their proficiency level has been determined via an online platform. In addition, those students who have just been admitted to one of the Islamic Azad University branches and have a remarkable time left before the start of the semester, will be able to attend the official Islamic Azad University offices in their respective countries ( (Including Iraq – Baghdad) in Persian language courses in person. It is also possible for international students staying in Tehran to attend Persian language courses in North Tehran Branch if they wish.

Important Note: Those international students who are non-Persian speakers should note that they can only enroll in one of the Islamic Azad University branches if they are enrolled in Persian language course and receive a registration certificate.

The Persian language certificates will be issued to international students with the signature of Tehran North Branch and Electronic Campus. All international students, at all levels, (with the exception of Afghan nationals) are required to submit a proof of success in Persian language test by the end of the third semester. Until then, registration for the chosen branch requires registration certificate in Persian language course

دوره الفارسیه بجامعه آزاد الإسلامیه الإلکترونیه

A famous poem by Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi

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Online Courses

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  • 20 Live Online Session​ (4 Weeks)
  • Verified Certificate of Achievement​​​​
  • Study on any device at any time​​
  • Over 80 hours of learning content​​
  • 5 days and 20 hours per week​​
  • from Saturday to Wednesday

start date

  • 20 Live Online Session​ (4 Weeks)
  • Verified Certificate of Achievement​​​
  • Study on any device at any time​
  • Over 80 hours of learning content​
  • 5 days and 20 hours per week​
  • from Saturday to Wednesday

start date

  • 10 Live Online Session (2 Weeks)
  • Verified Certificate of Achievement​​
  • Study on any device at any time
  • Over 40 hours of learning content
  • 5 days and 20 hours per week
  • from Saturday to Wednesday

You don’t have to be an IAUEC student to have access to our quality education.

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Our courses have been developed by our team of specialist online language trainers and we draw on our long experience as a leading e-learning university to create quality course content that is pedagogically relevant, accessible and delivers results.

We provide online solutions designed to develop your Persian skills for real-life situations. Learn Persian online with our flexible and engaging training courses to help you to become proficient in the key language areas you need to achieve your goals.